Spice Up Your Life! (with wedge sneakers)

There are a lot of things I never thought I’d ever want to wear again after the 1990s. Case in point: leggings. They were a staple of my wardrobe circa 1992 – usually with matching scrunchie, obvi – but when they made their American Apparel-sponsored comeback a few years ago, I just laughed. How dated! How sad!

And now I wear them every other day.

So it just goes to show that even if it was popular in the ’90s, any fashion item (well – almost any fashion item) can find new life in this post-millennium era.

Which brings us to the subject of wedge sneakers. In 1996, I thought they were the shizz; at that point, of course, I was taking most of my fashion cues from elevated-sneaker connoisseur Baby Spice.

Baby Spice and her bangin' kicks

When I saw that these babies were making a comeback, I was skeptical. Some of them are just a little too reminiscent of my late-’90s Candie’s for my taste. But others are growing on me – fast.

So fast, in fact, that I *may* have compulsively ordered the Ash Bowie wedge the other day. At $225, they’re officially more than I’ve ever spent on any pair of shoes in my life. I will probably return them in a fit of money panic. But for a few minutes, at least, I’ll finally be able to Spice Up [My] Life – Emma Bunton-style.

More fierceness I found in my internet travails:

Adidas SLVR wedge. Can't find them anywhere. Of course. Image c/o nitrolicious.

Ash Madonna wedge. Unghghghgh. Did I mention I have a thing for studs? Image c/o Revolve Clothing.

The obscenely expensive Isabel Marant sneakers that brought back the trend. Seen on a model near you!


No sooner had I hit “publish” on this post, than I opened up a magazine to find this Marc by Marc Jacobs ad with Alice Dellal showing red wedge high-tops – eerily similar to the Reeboks I rocked in the early ’90s (and hated at the time, BTW. Now I only wish I still had them!) Also please note her fantastically gnarly skeleton tattoo. So much good in one photo, y’all.

Alice, Marc, and a pair of awesome sneakers

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